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Why Criticism Hurts And What You Can Do About it

We’ve all been there. You’ve made some plans to do something big. At least, it’s big to you. Maybe you have some big ideas on starting a business or to create the physique of your dreams. Or maybe you want to learn the piano or write a novel. Whatever it…

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Haters Hurt When They Judge You

Judging others isn’t just a diversion. It’s toxic to you and everyone around you. Judging others is similar to gossiping. It makes others think less of you. You’ll also find that the harder you are on other people, the harder you’ll be toward yourself. Judging others is a way of…

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How You Can Enjoy the Holidays Without Stress

The holidays are an interesting time. It can be a time of joy, excitement, and anticipation. It can also be stressful. Holiday get-togethers can be loud and crowded. Add to that the fact that you still resent what Uncle Bill did last Christmas, and the possibility that your cousin might…

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You Are Loved

Even the casual contact enhances the moment. In every subtle motion, every degree of expectation and move, delectable landscapes come into view. Even under unfavorable climate, the horizon remains ablaze; wouldn’t be the same without you.  Even the distant, silent pledge, undelivered yet enchanting –  returns inspiring. An immeasurably meaningful…

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Compassion-focused therapy: a game-changing approach

Compassion-focused therapy is an interdisciplinary approach that “draws from evolutionary, social, developmental and Buddhist psychology, and neuroscience.” (Gilbert, Introducing compassion-focused therapy, 2009) The main idea behind compassion-focused therapy is that negative emotions such as self-criticism and shame are the root of many emotional problems. Those who experience such dysfunctional emotions…

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